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The True Costs of DIY Dentistry (do not do it yourself)

Written by DDS Miami

Considering the costs of healthcare and dental care, people have become extra creative to solve any dental problems they are having. While creativity is great for humanity, the risks are serious. Many of us may have seen teeth whitening stations in different malls, but even that is a risk. A dentist should always evaluate your teeth and smile. We understand that there are costs associated with this, but safety and security goes a long way for your overall health. Teeth whitening does not only affect your teeth whiteness, but can affect your gums and enamel. Every smile and set of teeth are different and require different treatment options for either whitening or filling in cavities. We the ever-changing advances of the internet and technology, we are seeing Youtube videos of people fixing tooth gaps, filling in cavities, and performing impression kits from home. Many people argue that they do not have the money or time to go visit a dentist for a check up. How do people have the time to perform these risky at home procedures? Some of these perilous behaviors will result in emergency visits to the dentist. According to DMD Today, “Upon removal of the temporary material [temporary fillings], Vallecorsa saw the decay was a “lot worse than if she’d just come in and let us do it in the first place. (The patient) had just sealed in the decay, sealed in any sort of infection, which just made it worse when (she) did come to see us.”(1). Infections, tooth loss, broken teeth, abscesses, and all the other dangerous consequences of DIY dentistry are going to be more expensive in the long term. As Morris N. Pool, DDS of the American Association of Orthodontists says, “anytime a dental procedure is undertaken by an untrained individual there is a substantial risk for irreparable damage.”(2). Do not take the risk, patients have options to take care of their oral health. Options like financing and payment plans are all offered in order to give the patient top-tier standard of care and a pleasant experience at the dentist.

Created 07/2/2018     

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