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Doctors think of the L-PRF as a band-aid, created from your own blood and then placed in your surgery sites in order to heal any pain the patient is experiencing. The dentist will use the unique IntraSpin™ System to detach and concentrate specific cells and active proteins after you have had a blood test.

Your own blood is spun in a dedicated centrifuge. When your L-PRF is created, it can be placed directly in surgical sites in order to gain immediate healing. Since the therapy is completely natural, when placed in surgery sites, L-PRF releases your body’s own natural healing proteins, building an efficient network for cells to enhance the healing process.

Many times, the L-PRF and bone growth material is used together to promote natural bone regeneration if you have lost a certain amount of bone. The L-PRF puts together the natural growth factors that your body presents. Once your surgery is completed, your own concentrated platelets and other important blood cells are re-introduced.

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