Dental Solutions of The Keys

Early detection of oral cancer can give your smile and life a chance for a cure. With newer and more advanced forms of technology, detecting cancer at an early stage is possible. Detection is the first step to treating the problem. Oral cancer screening is more accessible to patients which aids in a greater chance of... READ MORE.

Bruxism is hard to detect, so make sure to discuss any concerns with your dentist. Sleeping partners tend to notice because the bruxist is grinding their teeth throughout the night. Teeth grinding is linked to.... READ MORE.

What is the Interdental Papilla?

The interdental papilla is the part of your gums in between your teeth and its function is to help protect the root of your teeth and prevent decay from... READ MORE.

Who are baby boomers?...

One of the top trends in the baby boomer generation is the desire for a feel-young and look-great appearance.... READ MORE.

Dentist visits’ can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Someone probing in your mouth isn’t really a cup of tea. However, some dental procedures can be life-changing. Do you know how many people in the U.S. are missing teeth? READ MORE.

However, when brushing and flossing make sure to observe the appearance of your gums. Gums that are puffy, bleed, or if your family has a history of gum disease are all signs of when you need to see a dentist. According to... READ MORE.

Summer can also mean you or your kids fall out of routine. It can hinder your dental care routine. Summertime is full of happiness and smiles, so what are some tips to stay on top of your dental care? READ MORE.

Considering the costs of healthcare and dental care, people have become extra creative to solve any dental problems they are having. While creativity is great for humanity, the risks are serious. Many of us may have seen teeth whitening stations in different malls, but even that is a risk. A dentist should always evaluate your teeth and smile. READ MORE.

Flossing your teeth is crucial to a healthy and happy smile. Many of us know flossing is important that’s exactly why sometimes we’ll floss with toothpicks, hair strands, folder piece of paper and other types of objects. We know we should floss, but you cannot just floss with anything. Some of us floss with yarns, and other strange household objects. READ MORE.

Certain factors have to be evaluated when considering teeth whitening. For example, the color of your teeth, the reason why your teeth color has changed, and what type of teeth can be whitened. READ MORE.

Not surprisingly, implants have a long history due to the necessity of being able to chew. Implant history also steams from the human want of having a confident smile. READ MORE.

Children start to lose baby teeth at age 6. They look adorable when they are missing the two front teeth. However, brushing your teeth is important to do as soon as baby teeth start developing and especially when adult teeth set in. We want to inform you of certain tips to encourage your child to maintain dental care. READ MORE.

April is oral cancer awareness month and we want our patients to be knowledgeable about oral cancer and its symptoms. Oral cancer is not just about oral health, but overall bodily health. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation...READ MORE.

Besides using your own plasma to restore your smile, you can also use your plasma to restore your skin. According to MEDTube Science....READ MORE.

March is the month of nutrition. What you eat impacts the condition of your teeth and how often you eat can affect your tooth decay. Diet and nutrition impact your smile. Depending on what you are eating plaque builds up in your teeth, that’s why it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day. Foods and drinks interact with our teeth differently. For example...READ MORE.

First, we would like our patients to understand dental implants, so they feel confident and comfortable when making the decision to do an implant procedure. A dental implant is made of strong and lightweight materials to replace...READ MORE.

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