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You Need to See a Dentist if…

Written by DDS Miami

Obviously any pain in the mouth is an immediate call for concern. Other alarming symptoms are swelling in the mouth, face or neck. Brushing and flossing is one of the most important messages dentists always promote. However, when brushing and flossing make sure to observe the appearance of your gums. Gums that are puffy, bleed, or if your family has a history of gum disease are all signs of when you need to see a dentist. According to Mouth Healthy, if you hide your smile, you may want to see a dentist to discuss how to improve your smile and ensure you are confident and comfortable with your teeth (1). Once a dentist fixes or improves your smile, you should still follow up with your dentist to ensure the procedure is healing well and successfully progressing. Whether you had fillings, crowns, dental implants or dentures done, you will want to see your dentist to ensure all is going well. If you have ongoing medical issues like diabetes or are HIV positive, you want to keep your dentist in the loop of your medical concerns. According to Mouth Healthy, being pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop seeing your dentist, “in fact, pregnancy can make some dental problems worse, so don't miss your regular checkup.”(2). It is definitely not normal or healthy, if you are having problems eating or chewing, you should voice your concerns to your dentist. In the meantime, you can try eating soft foods until your dentist can help you solve this worry. You may want to consult your dentist, if you parched and have dry mouth. If you engage in any kind of tobacco use, you should discuss this with your dentist. The side effects of tobacco use can range from bad breath to oral cancer. Any type of jaw pain should be discussed with your dentist. This type of pain can occur because of problems with your bite. According to Mouth Healthy, any type of sores or spots that last more than a week in the mouth should be evaluated by your dentist. Ultimately, don’t wait to see your dentist until any of these signs show up. Regular check-ups can reduce or spare you from any unwanted dental issues. You can visit the Oral Health Symptom Checker offered by the American Dental Association to get an idea of what may be wrong with your oral health. Whatever your results, you may want to see your dentist to determine aids and solutions for any dental health problems that arise.


Created 07/27/2018

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