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Children start to lose baby teeth at age 6. They look adorable when they are missing the two front teeth. However, brushing your teeth is important to do as soon as baby teeth start developing and especially when adult teeth set in. We want to inform you of certain tips to encourage your child to maintain dental care.

  • Let your child choose his/her toothbrush and toothpaste

  • 2 to 4 minutes of fun while brushing

    • Playing a children’s song

    • Telling a short story

  • Establish and maintain a routine

  • Brushing is a family affair (lead by example)

Now, especially considering the summer vacation from school, it is important parents pay attention to their child’s brushing habits. Encouraging younger kids to brush their teeth can be easier than older kids. For this reason, it is important to develop healthy dental habits at a young age.

According to ADA dentist Dr. Maria Lopez, “The new college student is up late either studying or socializing. They don’t have a nightly routine, so they may be more likely to fall asleep without brushing.(1). Evidently, kids of all ages are at risk of not maintaining healthy dental habits. College students often times have summer breaks as well. Dental care is extremely important in maintaining a healthy and happy smile.



Photo: American Dental Association


Created 06/01/2018  

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