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Protect your Summer Smile

Written by DDS Miami

Summer days are for tanning in the sand hearing the ocean waves. Summer nights are for family get togethers and celebrations. Summer means lots of sunshine, swimming, barbecues and even more fun! Summer can also mean you or your kids fall out of routine. It can hinder your dental care routine. Summertime is full of happiness and smiles, so what are some tips to stay on top of your dental care?

  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth even after a late campfire night

  • Reduce Sugary Summer Sweets and Snacks

  • Prevent Dental Emergencies

Many times, we spend late summer nights with family and friends talking by the firepit or in the backyard underneath the stars. If you and your children are not going to be eating late night snacks, take a moment to brush your teeth and then continue the family fun. Don’t you sleep much better knowing your mouth and teeth are brushed and clean?

According to Mouth Healthy, “Brushing alongside your children for 2 minutes, twice a day for the three months of summer gives you 6 extra hours together…” Brushing your teeth together is a great way to spend some time together and teach your children the importance of routine, discipline, and dental care.

Summer goes by quick, so make sure you and your children have seen their dentist before school starts. Many parents like to schedule appointments in early august, but it’s probably better if it’s set up sometime after school ends. This will prevent any dental health care concerns that could occur throughout the summer. Nonetheless, if you or your child have not seen a dentist yet, make sure to schedule an appointment before school starts again.

Further, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, “During the summer, swimming pool accidents are the number-one cause of dental emergencies at the office of E. "Mac" Edington, DDS, MAGD, past president of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).” Keeping up with oral hygiene and following the rules at the pool go a long way for our dental health.

For more summer fun, check out the Mouth Healthy Summer Teeth Quiz!

Created 07/20/2018     

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