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Baby Boomers and Dental Beauty

Written by DDS Miami

Who are baby boomers?

Baby boomers are adults born between 1946 and 1964 which means their age now ranges from mid-50s to low 70s. Many are grandparents or parents with older adult children who left or are leaving the nest. The youngest baby boomers are in their 50s and the oldest are in their 70s.


One of the top trends in the baby boomer generation is the desire for a feel-young and look-great appearance. Weight balance, anti-aging remedies and health are all tendies within baby boomers. What can dentists offer the baby boomers generation to help them attain their goals of wellness, beauty and vitality? According to Dentistryiq, “[a recent survey] reveals that baby boomers understand that good oral care can positively affect their overall health.” (1). Baby boomers are aware of the importance of oral care for their health as well as the desire for a feel-young and look-young appearance. Could a long life expectancy impact how baby boomers behave in regards to dental health? According to RDH, “Advancing clinical practices attend to the needs and desires of a generation, many of whom want to maintain their youthful looks through various cosmetic dental procedures, including whitening. In the restorative world, this is where the implant market is exploding.”(2). Offering dental services is reliant on the needs of different generations and their respective needs. Dental services like dental implants, L-PRF for aesthetic applications, botox to treat bruxism, and implementing orofacial harmony are all aspects of dentistry as well as beauty. For this very reason, we offer these services in order to provide baby boomers with what they need.

Created 10/01/2018  


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